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Low Fat Dog Treats

There are times when low fat dog treats should be given to aid healthy weight maintenance. Dogs that are prone to weight gain, have slower metabolisms (such as senior dogs) or health concerns such as pancreatitis require a lower fat treat option.

Nutriment sells beneficial raw dog treats that can be helpful in maintaining your dog's ideal weight, made with 100% human grade quality ingredients. They naturally have a lower fat content. Low fat dog treats can make it easier for maintaining weight in certain dogs.

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How Do I Determine if My Dog Should Have Low Fat Dog Treats?

There are some clear signs that can help pet owners determine if and when their dog should be switched to low fat treats and diet. Watch for common indicators that something's amiss with your dog's metabolism and weight maintenance results. These include some of the same signs that humans can use on themselves.

Look for weight gain, eating too much, low energy levels, difficulty running or moving, increased fatigue, problems with breathing or heart, changes in bowel and urine habits, signs of gastric distress, constipation/diarrhoea, natural ageing process, signs of diabetes or endocrine issues to name a few. If you have any concerns visit a vet before changing the diet.

Chronic Digestive Issues

Like humans, dogs that begin to overeat or have slower metabolisms are prone to weight gain. This can put a strain on the digestive system. They can develop signs like gas, constipation or diarrhoea, stomach upset or pain, vomiting, difficulty swallowing or inability to eat a regular portion size. It is important to alter your dog’s food allowance accordingly to maintain proper weight.

Many dogs will continue to eat if food is there. Avoid high-fat content foods and treats. This includes "people food" or table scraps. Switch to low fat dog treats that are easy to digest, contain healthy ingredients and are free from additives, preservatives and other harmful ingredients.

Is my dog gaining too much weight?

One of the obvious signs that your dog is having some weight difficulties is weight gain. This can happen due to age, injuries that keep them from getting enough exercise, overfeeding at mealtime and not regulating treats. Always get your dog checked by your veterinarian to rule out health conditions like diabetes, thyroid issues and other problems that could be the underlying cause of the weight gain.

Loss of Energy & Over Fatigued

Pay attention if your dog shows marked loss of energy for no reason. He might appear over fatigued as well. Make sure that your dog is getting the proper rest, and if concerned get a check-up at the vet to ensure good health. Look for any obvious signs that could be a cause like an injury or pain that causes your dog to move less.

Develops Breathing or Heart-Related Problems

Increased weight gain can cause your dog to develop other more serious health problems like difficulty breathing, increased pulse, shortness of breath on exertion, wet cough while lying down and other signs.

Dog Develops Signs of Diabetes

Some breeds of dogs are more prone to developing diabetes especially as they reach their older years. This should be immediately assessed by a veterinarian if suspected. Signs include frequent urination, frequent indoor accidents, skin issues, loss or gain of weight (especially in a short time period), and signs of extreme and excessive thirst. Treatment for diabetes is crucial to avoid life-threatening crisis like increased levels of protein in the urine causing raised blood sugar levels.

How to Judge a Dog's Metabolism When Older

The metabolism of most senior dogs tends to slow down. This can cause the dog to gain more pounds than is healthy for their size. Using low fat dog treats like Nutriment’s makes can help maintain correct weight along with the correct diet and exercise levels.

The valuable benefits of different types of low fat treats are worth the small effort to get them. Nutriment offers Fish Bars, Fresh Turkey Necks, Baa Tubes and Bull Pizzle dog treats as low-fat options. Maintaining healthy weight is key to optimum overall health.

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