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Turkey Bones for Dogs

Turkey bones for dogs are more than just a fun raw dog treat in between meals. Although domesticated dogs may not go out hunting every day, they still have that natural craving to chew- it actually releases endorphins and helps maintain healthy teeth and gums!

Our delicious raw dog bones are created with high-grade turkey sourced directly here from the UK. Each bone is covered with succulent raw turkey meat to allow your pet the chance to tear and rip the meat directly from the bone to keep them entertained and help with proper oral health.

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Why Raw Turkey Bones for dogs?

These days, you can easily go into any store and find some sort of treat or toy for your dog. Unfortunately, just because a product is marketed for our pets does not mean it has our pet's best interests in mind. You can choose to go with a synthetic bone or chew toy, but some are prone to splintering which can be harmful for your dog. A raw dog bone is a natural choice that can work as both chew toy and tasty meal.

Does Turkey Benefit Your Dog?

Turkey is a lean meat that provides your dog with a number of healthy benefits. As a lean meat, your dog will enjoy these benefits without the added fats of other protein-rich meats.

Dogs' digestive systems are different than ours. Not everything can be easily digested by their stomach, but turkey is highly digestible for canines. It also is a great choice for dogs with allergies and intolerances. This means more of the benefits of the meat can be processed and used by your pet's body and less is turned to waste.

Turkey meat is packed with a number of nutrients beneficial to your pet:

  • Tryptophan - immune system health
  • Selenium - thyroid health
  • Protein – for repairing tissues

Why Choose Raw Turkey Bones for Dogs?

Providing your canine friend with the best possible health means more than just spending money on pricey commercial dog foods. You have to think about what is in your pet's food and how it is affecting them and their life. Many commercial dog foods, dry or wet, have a lot of added ingredients that are used for a variety of reasons. These additives and preservatives are meant to keep the food safe to eat or even replace certain things not found in the ingredients or processes used.

Raw diets using the BARF principles have no need for these added ingredients or chemicals. All of the nutrition your dog needs can be found right in nature. Nutriment's Turkey Bones for Dogs have all of these natural healthy benefits found in raw meat, without anything that can be harmful to your dog's body.

Are There Benefits to a Raw Diet for Dogs?

By following the diets that Mother Nature had originally intended for our canine companions to eat, we are providing them with a number of benefits to their entire bodies.

One of the greatest benefits of using a raw feeding schedule is the easier digestion for your pets. Commercial foods can be rougher for your pet's stomach to handle. This can lead to gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhoea, vomiting, and constipation. Raw foods are much easier for your pets to handle. Their bodies can easily absorb the nutrients, minerals and vitamins from raw food to stay healthy.

As a result, your dog's body will create less waste. This means you may see a decrease in the size of your dog’s stool. This waste will also be easier to clean and smell somewhat less odorous than you are used to.

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