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Sensitive Skin Dog Food

Nutriment's range of sensitive skin dog food is made for animals who suffer from allergies, rashes, intolerance or other skin problems that manifest in the skin. Created from all-natural ingredients, you will find only the finest quality raw dog food, meat, offal and vegetables in every pack. Animals who are prone to bad skin can benefit significantly from a balanced diet that is free from commonly used additives. Rich in vitamins, essential fats and proteins, this range is suitable for all breeds of dog who are prone to issues such as eczema, dandruff, allergies, intolerances or flaky skin.

Diet can play a large part in the overall health of any pet and this range is designed to include all of the nutrition your dog needs without causing unwanted side effects. Skin problems can be uncomfortable and effect the overall appearance of the fur. Switching to a raw diet that is full of natural ingredients but free from grains, gluten or additives can be a great way of minimising potential issues such as red or sore patches of skin. Every pack of Nutriment's raw food contains carefully selected, high quality cuts of meat, poultry, offal and vegetables to provide a well-balanced and healthy diet. We also include Coconut Oil and Salmon Oil as part of our carefully selected superfoods. These have well-known properties for maintaining healthy skin and coat.

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How Does Sensitive Skin Dog Food Help Pets Who Are Prone to Skin Problems?

Fewer Allergens

When animals are allergic (or have intolerances) to a certain element or ingredient in their food, they can display symptoms that manifest themselves in conditions such as rashes, sores or flaking skin. Dander is produced in excessive amounts as a reaction to certain commonly used additives in many commercially available pet foods. This range has been created to be free from any potential irritants that can worsen skin conditions and can also help to improve ongoing problems related to allergies or intolerances.

Less scratching and biting

Dogs suffering from certain skin conditions often frequently scratch or gnaw at patches of irritated skin and paws, which can ultimately make the problem much worse. When canines are fed on a diet that doesn't contain anything artificial, the risk of outbreaks of sore or itchy skin conditions can be significantly reduced. This results in less scratching meaning your pet will feel more comfortable and able to enjoy their day to day life.

Improved appearance of the coat

A shiny, healthy coat is usually a good indicator of a dog's overall health. Nutriment's dog food, suitable for sensitive skin, can potentially improve the condition of your pet's fur. Matted, greasy, dry, coarse or flaky fur often means an animal has an underlying health condition and though this isn't always serious, it can still markedly reduce their quality of life. A regular diet that includes raw, natural ingredients can help to improve the overall appearance of the fur and also reduce the production of dandruff or flaky skin.

Less Mess

Skin problems in dogs can often lead to excess hair shedding. As any pet owner will tell you, moulting can be a major problem, especially if their home is carpeted or has lighter coloured furniture. As skin problems improve, the amount of fur being shed can reduce significantly, which means you can save time on cleaning up. Grooming is also much easier when problems such as dandruff or matted hair begin to improve.

Improved temperament

When animals are uncomfortable, they will generally be less affectionate and can even be aggressive and lack energy. Itchy, painful outbreaks of dry skin can make life potentially very miserable for dogs as well as people and a sensitive skin dog food can drastically improve conditions that effect the overall mood of your pet. This will naturally lead to a happier temperament that allows them to enjoy their daily lives, rather than suffering with niggling sores or flaky patches of fur.

Reduced risk of infection

When skin is raw or broken, it is far more susceptible to infection. In some cases of allergic reactions, eczema and other skin related issues, open sores, wounds and scratches can turn septic or become infected after exposure to dirt or germs. Our foods that are suitable for dogs with sensitive skin are created from ingredients that are free from potential allergens, such as grains, to lessen the severity of existing conditions and prevent newer ones from arising. This means regularly irritated patches of skin or fur are less likely to lead to nasty infections.

Yeast infections

Feeding Nutriment’s range of dog food for sensitive skin can benefit dogs suffering with yeast infections. Yeast feeds off sugars. Carbohydrates digest down into sugar. Our products use carefully selected vegetables, no fruit (which contain natural sugar) and a very low amount of naturally occurring carbohydrates. By feeding this range you restrict the intake of sugars and therefore the yeast cannot spread or survive. For persistent yeast infections you may need to remove all vegetable matter from the diet, so our cat food range (which is suitable for dogs too!) would be a great range to try!

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