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Senior Dog Food

Nutriment's senior dog food range is an enhanced raw formula, created to meet all the nutritional requirements of your dog. Made entirely from fresh raw meat, vegetables and valuable superfoods, it offers a highly digestible, flavourful and energy dense food, full of essential amino acids, vitamins and dietary macro-nutrients. In general, dogs of seven years or more start taking life a bit easier, and as a result, their nutritional needs are different to those of younger dogs. In large breeds, this change can occur even earlier. Senior dogs are less active with a slower metabolism, so can be prone to gain weight, and they may also require support for their ageing joints and immune system. They, therefore, require a high-quality tasty diet such as Nutriment's Senior Formula with easy to digest protein, lower calories and a balance of essential nutrients.

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Why is Senior Dog Food important for older animals?

Providing older canines with the right kind of nutrition is essential to keep them happy and healthy. Here are just a few reasons that senior dog food is important for older pets.

Mobility and flexibility

As dogs get older, they can begin to suffer from stiffness in the joints and limbs, just like humans. Though they may not be able to handle those long walks as well as they used to, a good diet, rich in essential fats and proteins helps promote healthy movement and supple joints. Problems such as arthritis or mobility issues relating to old injuries can also affect a dog's ability to move around comfortably and though a healthy diet won't alleviate these symptoms entirely, it can help to prevent things from getting worse.

Increased Immune System

Just as older humans are more susceptible to illnesses and infections, dogs who are in the later years of their life are often prone to health problems that can be caused by a weaker immune system. Senior dog food includes essential vitamins and nutrients that can help to boost the body's natural defences, meaning your canine companion will be far less susceptible to unpleasant conditions such as ear or eye infections, digestive problems and bowel disorders. A strong immune system also means more energy and a happier temperament so you can enjoy spending more time together, even in the later years of your dogs life.

Maintain a healthy weight

As dogs get older, their metabolism begins to slow down, which means they process fats slower. Even with a healthy diet, this can lead to unwanted weight gain, which can also lead to additional health problems. Feeding your animal with senior dog food means you can help them maintain a healthy weight as the products are created to provide the right balance of fats, proteins and energy giving nutrients. Though some weight gain can be inevitable in certain breeds of dog, even older canines can still enjoy an active lifestyle in their later years.

Improved digestion

Poor digestion can be a cause of discomfort for many older dogs and in some cases it can also lead to problems such as reduced energy and disturbed sleep. Some cheaper pet foods contain additives that are difficult for some elderly animals to digest, which leads to issues like gas, bloating and problems when going to the toilet. Nutriment’s senior dog food is manufactured to be easily digested by older animals, meaning you can have peace of mind while they enjoy their food without any unwanted problems. Stools can often be more solid and less smelly, which is good news for everyone!

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