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Raw Puppy Food

Young dogs need the right kind of nutrition to ensure they get the best start in life. Nutriment's core range of complete raw dog food is created from the finest quality ingredients which means each portion is bursting with flavour and essential vitamins. Unlike generic dog food, our raw puppy food uses biologically appropriate ingredients, specifically formulated for growing dogs. This means it's easier for them to digest and also includes all of the macro-nutrients, amino acids and vitamins needed for healthy development.

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After the initially feeding from mum, which generally lasts around three to four weeks, breeders and new puppy owners may like to try introducing our weaning food. After feeding from their mother in the usual way, introducing a small amount of paste can be a great way to help them make the transition between milk and solid raw puppy food. Generally, this process takes around two weeks, but this can vary depending on the dog.

Puppies generally need to be fed three times per day (even more regularly when weaning) and will need to eat between 4 and 6 percent of their own current healthy body weight. Most owners spread the meals over three feedings up to 6 months, and then two meals over 6 months old. When your puppy is almost fully grown gradually reduce the amount to eventually feed around 2 to 3 percent of their bodyweight. Typically for smaller breeds this tends to be around 12 months old, or for larger breeds up to 18 months old.

Why Nutriment's Raw Puppy Food?

Natural and additive free

Nutriment’s raw puppy food is made from nothing but quality, natural ingredients and does not include any potentially harmful additives or chemicals. This means your growing young dogs can get all of the energy giving nutrients they need without running the risk of problems such as stomach upsets.

Promotes healthy development

The first year of a dog's life are critical and the food they eat plays a huge part in the way they develop. Strong teeth and bones, shiny coats and bright, alert temperaments are just some of the signs that your puppy is getting all of the nutrition they need. By using a raw diet, rather than a commercial or mass produced food, owners can help to encourage healthy growth and also protect their pets from unwanted side effects such as poor digestion or bad breath.

Encourages good digestion

When dogs are still getting accustomed to solid food, they can occasionally suffer from digestive problems resulting in smelly, loose or unusually solid stools. A raw diet is generally much closer to the natural food sources animals eat in the wild, which means their bodies are less likely to reject it or have problems breaking it down. Good digestion helps maintain energy levels and also combats things like bad breath and other health problems.

Naturally Great Tasting

In some lower cost pet foods, artificial flavour enhancers are used to mask the taste of low quality bulking agents and additives. In our raw puppy food, this isn't the case as the only ingredients that are included are sourced from the highest quality meat and vegetables. This means the taste of the food will be something your dog loves, completely naturally.

Quality Matters

Though cheaper alternatives are available, the quality of the food you provide for your pet does have a direct impact on their overall health in the long term. Offering food that is made from good quality ingredients that don't contain any cheap or potentially harmful additives reduces the risk of unwanted ailments or minor health problems that can result from a poor diet.

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