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One of the things we love to do the most at Nutriment is hear about all of the pets and owners we have helped out. Please have a look through some of our stories. If you would like your story to appear please send us your name, pet’s name(s), your story and a photography to management@nutriment.co

Brester & Gary Doran

Our starter pack arrived on Tuesday while we were at work, great packaging by the way. I left a 500g tub out while we went for our evening walk and Brewster had half when we got back from our walk and then another half before bed.As he hadn’t eaten all day, I took the risk of coming down to a present, but to my surprise the mat was clear.

We went out for our morning walk, and It was a complete turn around. His stools were greatly reduced in quantity and smell and were the firmest they had EVER been. I’m now saving money on poo bags as well!

We we got back from our walk he jumped on his bean bag and sat licking his lips, waiting for breakfast.No sooner had it gone in the bowl and I told Brewster to eat and in a flash he had cleaned the bowl, literally! I ordered a months supply the next day and we haven’t looked back, I wasn’t worried that he would go off the food like he had with the others, he loves it so much. The one down side, is he has even more energy, a Springer Spaniel with more energy!!

Thank you all at Nutriment.

Mabel and Jo Franks

I just thought you’d like to see a picture of my cat Mabel eating your food.

Moving cats over to raw is quite hard and she still can be fussy, but this is her enjoying her first bowl of Nutriment and she’s been asking for more, which is unlike her!

Thank you so much for your hard work and for providing such a high quality product.

Deciding to move to raw is a big thing as it’s very easy to just chuck “complete” biscuits in a bowl and never give it a second thought. But I have complete faith in your food and can’t wait to see the benefits.

Kensie and Michelle Godfrey

I have to admit I don’t usually write feedback about products but in this instance I had to. Kensie has had allergy issues so we try to only give her the best of everything. I bottle fed her since she was a baby and she is such a sweet affectionate and loving cat. It was heartbreaking for us to have to feed her dry when we knew it was not good for her and her allergies but we had no alternative as we only found out the day before we went on holiday that there was a recipe change. I did some research online when we came back and I had heard that natural instinct also had started to go downhill on their raw cat food. There were glowing reviews about nutriment on the pet forum and after looking at your website knew we needed to place an order. She actually has more than enough put in her bowl and after she licks the bowl clean cries in front on the fridge for more. She has NEVER done this with the other brands of raw we have fed her. I am happy to report she has also given a two paws up on the beef as she ate all of it today! We have just the salmon to try now. :)

We promise to remain loyal customers to nutriment as long as the quality of the product does not change. This is what has happened to the previous company to which they have offered to send us tons of the old product to mix with the new inferior one to force our pets to grow accustomed to the taste of the new stuff. If they don’t like the taste of the new stuff by itself I refuse to mix it with the old stuff trying to trick her into eating the lesser quality product.

I will be happy to send you a photo of Kensie happily tucking into her favourite food! I cannot thank you enough for supplying such an exceptional high quality product for our little girl! She only deserves the best!

Lady Tessa Swan

I feed all of my dogs on Nutriment. I tried doing it myself and it made a mountain of mess and it took longer than it did to prepare my food, so when i found it done already with very similar ingredients that I use (I take diet and nutrition to another level being a healer and energy worker) I sighed with relief and went straight over.

Happily… the best poops yet from my dogs having tried a few others. Its an important thing! Not only do my dogs LOVE it. Its easy to maintain their weight and fabulous condition. They back me up 100% in agreeing.

Nutriment is simply the best there is. You can also look at comparisons. The company are huge hearted and help many dogs in need and charities and being involved in rescue work too- this really touches my heart and is another tick in a box as to why I say this is the best food out there. Not 5 stars. We give 10 and a huge woop woof!

Harvey and Molly Briton

I just wanted to let you know how much Harvey has been enjoying his food. We only received the order on Tuesday, but the change in Harvey is already noticeable!

Harvey is a 3 year old staffy cross, who I adopted after finding him as a stray puppy around 6 weeks old. As a pup Harvey suffered with some terrible skin conditions and was generally in quite a bad state. After doing a huge amount of research I turned to a raw food diet which drastically improved his condition. Originally the vet said he could need medicated baths for the rest of his life – since going raw Harvey has NEVER had a medicated bath in his life, and the vet always comments on how good his condition is.

Over the years I’ve tried several different brands including Natural Instinct and Nature’s Menu, as well as mixing up my own food. I have to say, the difference in quality between Nutriment and other brands is really noticeable. Whereas other raw foods seem to contain a lot of moisture and become quite sloppy after defrosting, the Nutriment food is firm and doesn’t ‘leak’ everywhere. As Harvey is mostly fed out of a Kong I really appreciate this, as normally I have to mop up bits of red liquid, but your food doesn’t drip anywhere! Hurrah!

Now Harvey is not a greedy dog when it comes to food, and sometimes he’ll need a bit of encouragement to eat. However for the last three days he has wolfed his food down, and is visibly excited when I get his food out of the fridge! He has licked the bowl/kong completely clean which doesn’t often happen, so he is clearly loving the new menu! He’s also seemed more chipper over the past couple of days, and has even been more snuggly!

I also want to congratulate you on the packaging. The chubs fit easily into the freezer and take up less space that I imagined. Once defrosted it goes into some tupperware and Harvey’s food is sorted or the next two days. Brilliant!

Its a pleasure to find a company who are so passionate about providing a really quality product, and I will definitely be recommending Nutriment to anyone who will listen.

I have attached a photo of Harvey (he carried that log over a mile home by the way!).

Buster and Liz Wills

I have been doing quite a bit of research for my new pups diet. He had been weaned on to Eukanuba by his breeder and I had gradually changed him onto a mix of Orijen and Applaws kibble, mixed with some sweet potato (which he really enjoyed).

I was also looking into finding a good RAW wet food and found your website, via many positive reviews from other web sites. I bought the puppy starter pack (and cleaned out my freezer for room!), which arrived yesterday.

To introduce this new food gradually, I cut (actually sawed!) one of the frozen portions into smaller amounts, after all, the pup is only 9 weeks old and is a mini schnauzer. The trial dinner took place last night.

Buster, managed to eat all of the food, making piglet like snorting noises whilst eating! The best news though, is that he managed to sleep right through the night without the need for a toilet break

After, he curled up on his bed, with a very fat tummy and snoozed, so many thanks for a good nights sleep…..!

Hopefully this will continue, and I will certainly be ordering more in the future (but I only have a small freezer!)

I am a very happy customer, and that is after only 1 meal! I’ll happily send you another photo after a month or so, just to show him changing.

I first found information about feeding a RAW diet from various US websites, especially some showing the amazing effect on the improvement of the health of dogs. I had never really considered it before, but had periodically fed raw meat to previous dogs, with some veggies mixed in. You provide the full nutritional menu for Buster, delivered to the door, in great packaging. It’s is a big step to review the diet of your pup, but the information you gave on your site was great, and Buster certainly loves the food!

Millie and Emma

Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your help and your product!
My spaniel loves the food, and often enjoys a duck neck (instead of the commercial treats she would get before). I much prefer to see her chomping on a duck neck, than on a processed chew stick.

Since a few months of age she has suffered painful and irritable anal glands, we have tried many brands of food, some worsened the symptoms, but this food had almost irradiated the symptoms. No more scooting across the floor!!

I have converted all my doggy friends to trying this food! I cant wait to make my next order.
Thank you so much for all your help!

Charlie and Janet

Charlie my 10.5 yr old choc Lab helping unpack his delivery. Only his 2nd week on this wonderful food, and already he has more energy and has lost a bit of weight. Hopefully it will also help with his allergy.

He absolutely loves it. I tried him on another brand a couple of years ago and he wouldn’t eat it, so I was reluctant to try again, but I am so pleased I didn’t was either the gale force wind blowing behind him today or his increased energy levels, but he was racing around like a puppy!

I will let you know if his allergy improves.

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